Bobbi Althoff Net Worth 2024: How Rich Of the Podcaster

Let’s talk about Bobbi Althoff’s net worth and his successful career in this modern world of digital entertainment.
Bobbi Althoff has made a name for herself as a well-known influencer, social media celebrity, and content creator who has a net worth of $4 million.
Althoff has set herself as a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry.
Her journey from a funny TikTok Parent influencer to a podcast host of some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood is quite unique.
This post delves deeply into Bobbi Althoff’s net worth and her early life experiences up to the present.
She effortlessly assumed the role of social media influencer in her field of skill and established her online presence.

Bobbi Althoff Net worth
Source: @Bobbialthoff on Instagram.

How Much is Bobbi Althoff’s Net Worth?

According to various online sources, Bobbi Althoff’s net worth is estimated to reach $4 to $9 million because her wealth is expected to increase by the end of 2024.
She is a rich social media star, Influencer, and content provider personality.
Furthermore, in July 2023, Bobbi Althoff’s career big break came when she was invited to interview Drake for her podcast, “The Really Good Podcast.” The rapper had a huge fan base, so the program received millions of views, and she went viral.
Apart from this, income from advertising contracts with numerous famous brands sponsorship deals also increases their wealth substantially, which is a significant part.
Moreover, the close relationship with millions of followers on Bobby’s social media accounts has proved to be a strong source of income.
Which has made it more financially stable. According to various sources and websites, she earns more than $35,000+ from her podcast per month.

Bobbi Althoff Profile Summary

Real NameBobbi Jo Althoff
NicknameBobbi Althoff
Age26 years old (as of 2024)
Date of birthJuly 31, 1997
Place of birthCalifornia, United States of America
Zodiac signLeo
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourGreen
Country of OriginUnited States
ProfessionAmerican podcaster and Influencer
Sexual OrientationStraight
EducationHigh School
Marital statusMarried
SpouseCory Althoff
Source of WealthPodcast & Social Influencer
Social Media PresenceInstagram, Tiktok, Youtube & Twitter

Bobbi Althoff’s Early Life

Bobbi Althoff was born on July 31, 1997, and grew up in south California. Her father was a contractor. As a wife and mother, she began by posting humorous, sarcastic, marital life, fashion videos, and beauty tips. She uploaded her first TikTok video in February 2021, in which she made fun of her daughter and called her Pistachio.

Educational Background

Bobbi Althoff education completed her high school studies at a local school. Following her studies completed, she began her career on social media platforms.

Career Highlights

Let’s talk about Bobby Althoff’s successful career highlights in this modern world of digital entertainment and Internet sensation.

Bobbi Althoff, Mom Influencer

Bobbi Althoff  Mom Influencer
Source: Bobbi Althoff, Mom Influencer & her pregnancy. Screenshot via TikTok (@bobbi..althoff)

Althoff started her career and began providing content on TikTok in 2021, primarily updates about her pregnancy. Her debut TikTok video, dancing with a Banana, received close to two million views. Before gaining fame for uploading funny videos on her TikTok account, she was known as a mother’s influence (Bobby Althoff’s mom Tok). According to TODAY magazine, Bobbi Althoff is the only person to gain internet popularity for the first time as a mom influencer.


If anyone was wondering why I haven’t been posting as much the past 3 months.. idk where Bobbi is. I’ll let you know when she returns #bobbialthoff #bobbi #viralvideo #fyp

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Top 3 Podcast Bobbi Althoff Launched in Early 2023 (The Really Good Podcast)

Let’s talk about Bobby Althoff’s top 3 podcasts and his successful career in this modern world of digital entertainment. He finally launched his own podcast with the famous actor and comedian Rick Glassman from “Take Your Shoes Off Podcast” in the first episode.

Rick Glassman with Bobbi Althoff
Famous actor and comedian Rick Glassman with Bobbi Althoff. ScreenShot via Podcast (@Thebobbialthoff)

She says he sits down with me and makes me feel horrible the entire interview. If you know Rick from his other work, you know he’s built for this kind of podcast. Because Glassman always thinking and acting in layers of comedic irony. Which is why their characters clashed so much!

Bobbi’s second podcast episode is with a comedian, TV star, and wannabe rapper, Funny Marco.

Funny Marco with Bobbi Althoff
Famous Rapper and TV Star Funny Marco with Bobbi Althoff. ScreenShot via Podcast (@Thebobbialthoff)

Funny Marco, who forced Nicki Minaj to freestyle on his phone during a live show, is a popular comedian on social media with millions of fans on TikTok and Instagram. Bobby Althoff shared various podcast clips of Marco on his channel, and with that, his podcast went viral.

Bobbi Althoff’s Rise to Fame

She became one of the most discussed individuals in mainstream culture virtually instantly after launching “The Really Good Podcast” in April 2023 and became famous after she was asked to talk by Drake in July. Since Drake rarely does interviews, she got in touch exclusively thanks to his millions of followers.

Popular Canadian rapper and singer Drake with Bobbi Althoff. ScreenShot via Podcast (@artuo)

Althoff made the decision to take a chance and messaged Drake to ask if he would be interested in appearing on the podcast.
Curiously, he accepted and forwarded his tour progress. Bobbi called a friend and two days later flew to Memphis because she realized she had to move quickly.
Althoff’s unresponsive attitude brought Lil Yachty, a friend of Drake, as well as Tyga and, finally, businessperson Mark Cuban, to the show.
Her unusual interviewing style immediately gained recognition.
Eventually, when he interviewed the famous Canadian rapper, songwriter, and singer Drake on his podcast “The Really Good Podcast,” his personality gained more fame and recognition.
However, this is the sweat of his unstoppable success. After this, Althoff’s wealth also increased significantly.

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Drake and Althoff Feud

Drake’s viral interview with 11 Million + views was deleted from Althoff’s YouTube channel in August when allegations of Drake and Bobbi Althoff’s feud arose. After that, both of them unfollowed each other on Instagram as well.

Collaboration with a Talent Agency

Following her podcast with Drake, Althoff joined the talent agency WME. Some of the greatest names in the industry, such as Bruno Mars, Addison Rae, and Adam Sandler, are also represented by the firm.

Other Ventures

As Althoff continues establishing herself in the entertainment world, she has appeared in Offset and Cardi B’s “Jealousy” video.

Bobbi Althoff’s Net Worth Growth?

NameBobbi Althoff
Net worth (2024)approx $4 million to $5 million
Monthly Income$35,000
Yearly Income$0.4 million +
Yearly Expenses$50,000

Unique Podcasting Style

So far, Althoff has conducted interviews with actor Rick Glassman, YouTuber Funny Marco, businessman Mark Cuban, rapper Drake, and Lil Yachty.
Bobbi made her mark with her unusual interview style. Althoff’s style is “calm, wilted, and bored in an ironic way,” as Alex Abad-Santos of Vox reported.
She greets the majority of the guests with sarcasm and silence, which is impassive, leaving her guests to deal with the stiffness of what they have just disclosed.
Althoff’s method of conducting interviews, which is renowned for careful questioning and listening, has been used as a model for good communication.
Her technique, going beyond entertainment, has a lasting effect on the podcasting industry.
Other creators have adopted her style as a model to build authentic relationships with their listeners.
Although it can be difficult for her to maintain her awkward persona, Bobbi Althoff’s style is fundamental to her career and wealth as a podcaster.

Bobbi Althoff Sources of Income

Bobbi has diverse income sources, with a reported net worth of $4 million to $5 million. She successfully monitored her social media presence; her income includes her podcast, TikTok, YouTube, Social media sponsorships, and Paid promotions.

Bobbi Althoff Husband & Personal Life

Bobbi Althoff Husband
Bobbi Althoff with Husband Cory Althoff. Source: @Bobbialthoff on Instagram

Bobbi Althoff was married to Cory Althoff in 2020, and the pair has two daughters, born in 2019 and 2022.
Corey is senior vice president of the Software Development Program Section at CompTIA as well as a computer programmer.
His two books author, “The Self-Taught Programmer” and “The Self-Taught Computer Scientist,” were published. Forbes and CNBC have both highlighted him.

Bobbi Althoff Divorce

A few days ago, Bobby Althoff publicly announced that he and his husband, Corey Althoff, have two daughters. Finally, both four years of marriage ended at that time, when Cory filed for divorce in February 2024.

Social Media Presence

Although she had 1.2 million followers on her first TikTok account (@bobbialthon), where she used to upload videos of herself as a mom’s influencer and pregnancy.
But he has now made the first account private as a spam account.
Now, she devotes all her attention to uploading comedy content to a new account.
Bobbi Althoff’s TikTok account (@bobbialthoff) has more than 7.3 million followers and more than 242.8 million likes as of 2024.
She has over 7.22 million subscribers and around 26 million views on Bobbi Althoff’s YouTube videos.
Besides, Bobbi Althoff’s Instagram has over 3.2 million followers and 107 posts.

Social Media Profiles



Bobbi Althoff’s remarkable talent and steady work ethic are shown by her journey from social media star to popular YouTuber and podcast host. With her wit and candid interviewing style, she has made a name for herself in the profession and has an impressive and calm net worth of $5 million in 2024. It is forecast that Bobbi Althoff’s net worth will rise in the upcoming years as she continues to mold and develop her career.


Q: Is Bobbi Althoff married?

A: She was married to Cory Althoff. However, their marriage ended in February 2024.

Q: Who are Bobbi Althoff’s parents?

A: There is not much information available about her parents.

Q: What caused Bobbi Althoff to become famous?

A: Bobbi Althoff rose to fame after she and rapper Drake appeared on “The Really Good Podcast.”

Q: How much does Bobbi Althoff make annually?

A: Bobbi Althoff makes approximately $0.4 million a year.

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