Lee Corso Net Worth 2024: Age, Health, Salary, Bio, Wife & Career

Hey, football fans and curious minds! Lee Richard Corso is a prominent American sports broadcaster, ESPN football analyst, and former coach who has a net worth of approximately $12 million as of 2024. He earned this wealth through his years of hard work and struggle in the sports industry.
For over three decades, Lee Corso has been a prominent personality on ESPN’s college game day in 1987.
An illustrious career spanning from a coach to a broadcaster has earned him fame, success, and a great fortune.
Let us shed some light on Lee Corso’s net worth, his sources of wealth, investments, life history, and factors contributing to his success.
What we uncover is a tale of an incredible career. His net worth shows his commitment, love to the business, and success from the beginning to his current status.

Lee Corso Net Worth
Lee Corso’s Net Worth

What is Lee Corso’s Net Worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Lee Corso’s estimated net worth is between $12 million to $14 million.
Corso’s notable wealth is the result of his long and successful career in College football, Broadcasting, Endorsements, and Wise investments.
Besides his net worth amassed as a college gameday football coach, Lee also serves as director of business development at Dixon Ticonderoga, a Florida-based pencil company.
Corso began his illustrious football career as a student at Florida State University, where he was crowned the best defensive player.
At the young age of 14, he record a career-high with his team: Most intrusive!

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Lee Corso Profile Summary

Full Name:Lee Richard Corso
NicknameLee Corso
ProfessionAmerican Sports Coach
Nick NameLee Corso
Home townMiami Florida, USA
Father NameAlessandro Corso
Mother NameIrma Corso
Wife NameBetsy Youngblood
SchoolMiami Jackson Senior High School
CollegeFlorida State University
EducationBachelor and Masters Degree
Source of WealthSports Broadcasting, Endorsements
Net Worth$12 Million to $14 Million
Height5′ 8″
Age88 Year
Weight63 KG

Early Life and Education

Lee Corso was born in Cicero, Illinois, to Italian immigrants Alessandro and Irma on August 7, 1935, in Florida.
Corso’s parents belonged to a humble background.
Alessandro, a lifelong labourer who had a second-grade education, and his mother Irma, a cafeteria and boarding school worker who had a fifth-grade education.
At the age of 10, Corso moved with his family to Miami.
Furthermore, he attended Miami Jackson Senior High School, where he played quarterback.
Corso grew up Playing Football, Basketball, and Baseball.
After graduating from High School, he attended Florida State University.
Lee graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education in 1957.
Then, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Supervision and Administration in 1958.

Lee Corso Early Life and Education
Lee Corso’s Early Life

Personal Life

Lee Corso is a family man by nature. His longtime marriage to Betsy Youngblood in 1956 is a testament to his commitment to the relationship.
And not only with her own family but also with friends like her college roommate, actor Burt Reynolds.
Lee Corso has four children and ten grandchildren.

Lee Corso Health Issues and Resiliency

Regarding Lee Corso’s health, his best fellow and sports commentator Kirk Herbstreit reported in 2023 that the popular broadcaster’s health faced several setbacks, leading to occasional absences from various episodes.
At the same time, he suffered a stroke in 2009, which was followed by a lengthy rehabilitation.
But he was able to return to his ESPN college game day.
This shows he is a man of resilience with great determination and dedication to his work, which eventually leads to a successful career.

Lee Corso Age, Family & Birthday

Lee Corso Age, Family & Birthday



August 7, 1935

Leo (♌︎)

Miami, Florida

88 years old


Rating: 1 out of 5.

An Icon for a Video Game

Lee Corso is equally famous in the world of video games. He has lent his voice to the NCAA Football series by EA Sports. Through this venture, he got to know a new generation of sports fans.

Philanthropic Activities

Besides his immense wealth, Lee Corso was a kind-hearted and big-hearted philanthropist.
Corso has donated to various charities like Curing Kids and the Foundation for Cancer Research.
From education to Children’s welfare, he is genuinely dedicated to uplifting communities.

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Lee Corso Parents

Born in the American state of Florida, Lee Corso was a very gentle and kind man. His parents are Italian immigrants. Lee’s father, Alessandro, a lifelong labourer, had a second-grade education, and his mother, Irma, who worked in a boarding school and cafeteria, had a fifth-grade education. Lee Corso’s parents belonged to a poor and humble family.

Endorsements & Public Appearances

Lee Corso’s popularity is not limited to television. While being a sports broadcaster, he worked in various commercials for brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and Home Depot. All these endorsement deals and other business ventures added to his soaring net worth.

Corso Real Estate Investments

Over the years, Corso has made intelligent investments. According to property records, Lee Corso owns a luxurious 5,500-square-foot Lakefront mansion in Lake Mary, Florida. Along with a Private dock, Swimming pool, and Home theatre, the property boasts Five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and several other properties across the United States.

Lee Corso Children/Kids

Lee Corso married in 1956 to his lovely longtime partner, Betsy Youngblood. Both are very happy in their lives. Corso has four children and ten grandchildren. The following are the names of all the children.

  • Craig Corso
  • Jeff Corso
  • Lee Jr. Corso
  • Michele Corso

How Old is Lee Corso

How Old is Lee Corso
How Old is Lee Corso?

Lee Corso is an American sports broadcaster, football analyst, and featured personality for ESPN Football GameDay. Thanks to this, he has millions of followers and fans who want to know his age. How old is Le Corso? Born on August 7, 1935, in Cicero, Illinois, Lee Corso is 88 years old. From coaching and analyst to broadcaster, Lee’s career has been impressive and significant.

Broadcast Earnings

Lee Corso’s annual salary for his work on ESPN as an analyst is estimated to be more than $2 million. Corso is an iconic star in the world of college football broadcasting. His broadcasting career has spanned more than five decades.

Lee Corso’s House

Lee Corso’s magnificent and luxurious home was built in 1986, where he settled in 2000. This house is located in Lake Mary, Florida (FL), USA, with the name and number of 1469 Shadwell Cir. This luxury home is worth 109,000 USD.

Lee Corso Wife & Girlfriend

Marital Status – Married
Wife – Betsy Youngblood
Girlfriend – Unknown

Broadcasting Career (ESPN and College GameDay)

In 1987, Lee Corso started his broadcasting career by joining ESPN’s College Game Day.
It was a popular college football program show, which became a fan favourite because of his vibrant personality and insightful analysis.
His unique headgear picks and catchphrase, “Not so fast, my Friend,” with a pencil in hand, won him hearts around the country.

Lee Corso Coaching Career

In 1969, Lee Corso started his coaching career at Maryland.
He subsequently became the head coach at Louisville, Indiana and Bloomington.
He was a coach for 28 years at College level in total. During this time, he earned a great reputation as a motivator and coach.
Corso’s coaching record laid the groundwork for his future broadcasting career.
Let’s have a look at his Head coaching records.

Over All5—13 (USFL) 73—85—-6 (college)

Lee Corso College Days & Playing Career

Lee Corso had a fantastic academic and athletic journey at FSU, which paved the way for his later achievements.
While Corso was still a student at Florida State University (FSU), he picked to play baseball and football. Where, he shared his room with famous football player and actor Burt Reynolds and Ron Fraser, who is seen as a future University of Miami coach.
Lee earned the nickname “Sunshine Scooter” on the football field due to his fitness and speed.
Amazingly, he set the school record for most interceptions as a defensive player early in his career.
Corso’s record, before being broken by Monk Bonasorte, stood for more than two decades.

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Accomplishments and Honors

  • Record as the Third Winningest Football Coach at Indiana University.
  • National Sports Media Association Hall of Fame Inductee.
  • Director of Business Development at Dixon Ticonderoga.
  • National College Football Awards Association Contributions to College Football Award.
  • US Sports Academy Ronald Reagan Media Award.
  • Florida State University Record Holder for Most Career Interceptions.
  • Multiple Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Personality.

Lee Corso Height & Weight

Lee Corso's Height & Weight

Lee Corso’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, equal to 172 cm and 1.72 m. His weight is 63 kg, equal to 138.89 lbs.
Lee Corso’s eye color is brown, and her hair is white/black.

Lee Corso Latest News

The living legend has confirmed that he has no plans to retire from ESPN. He hopes to be on set for the College Game Football Show 2024.


Q: What is Lee Corso’s most famous catchphrase?

A: Lee Corso’s most famous catchphrase is “Not so fast, my friend.” Which he uses when making predictions on “College GameDay.”

Q: What is Lee Corso’s all-time headgear selection record?

A: His career record for headgear selections is 228-121 as of the 2019 season.

Q: Which one is Lee Corso’s favourite college football team?

A: Corso is famous for his energy and enthusiasm for every team he covers on College GameDay. He has never publicly declared his favourite team.

Q: How Much is Lee Corso Worth in 2023?

A: Lee Corso has a net worth of $12 Million.

Q: How Tall is Lee Corso?

A: Lee Corso is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Final Words

In conclusion, Lee Corso’s net worth symbolizes his dedication to the football world and his ability to connect with sports enthusiasts.
His journey from player to coach and broadcasting icon is a remarkable one.
Corso has motivated Many young people to seek careers in sports broadcasting, and his influence on the sport will last for many years.

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