Peter McNeeley Net Worth 2024: The Boxing and Financial Record

Have you ever wondered about Peter McNeeley net worth? In Rich Person Bio, let us dive into the world of Peter, the famous professional boxer and former coach on the big screen, and discover how he made such wealth in many years.

Peter McNeeley Net worth
Professional Boxer Peter McNeeley. Source: via UGC (Modified by Author)

What is Peter McNeeley’s Net Worth in 2024?

A name that echoes with boxing lovers!

Peter McNeeley is a famous American former professional boxer with a net worth of around 5 million in 2024.
He is a popular heavyweight boxer best known for his fight with Mike Tyson in 1995.
Mike Tyson is also a retired boxer with a net worth of $10 million.
Peter retired from professional wrestling in 2001.
In the boxing ring, Peter McNeeley has had an impressive career.
He has amassed this impressive wealth from his boxing career, endorsements, and many ventures.
This article explores Peter McNeeley’s fascinating financial journey, biography, early life, and career.

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Profile Summary

Full NamePeter Antonio McNeeley
NicknamePeter McNeeley
Age55 years old
Date of birthOctober 6, 1968
Place of birthBoston, Massachusetts, USA
Zodiac signLibra
Height6′ 2″ (188 cm)
Weight102 kg (224 lbs)
Hair ColourCurly Dark brown
Eye ColourBrown
Active Years1991- 2001
ProfessionBoxing Coach & Professional Boxer
CollegeBridgewater State College
FatherTom McNeeley
MotherNancy McNeeley
WifeAnnarita McNeeley
Children1 (Nadiya Gabrielle)
Net Worthapprox $5 million
Source of IncomeBoxing
Social Media@peter.mcneeley

Who is Peter McNeeley

John Peter Smith McNeeley, known as Peter McNneeley, was born on October 6, 1968, in Medfield, Massachusetts, USA.
Fans will always remember McNeeley even though he retired from boxing in 2011.
Out of 54 professional fights, he has won 47, with 36 victories coming through knockouts.
Peter McNeeley has fought with many notable boxers like Miguel Rosa, Van Dorsey, J.B. Williamson, Brian Nielsen, Henry Akinwande, Mike Bernardo, Harold Reitman, Danny Wofford, John Basil Jackson, Lorenzo Boyd, Robert Pagan Perez, Stanley Wright, Mike Sams, Herman Jackson, and others.
McNeeley’s passion for the sport and his natural talent soon propelled him into the spotlight, earning him recognition as one of the rising stars in the boxing world.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in a family with a rich boxing tradition, Peter McNeeley was exposed to the sport from a young age.
He honed his skills under the guidance of his father, Tom McNeeley, who was the boxing commissioner for the Massachusetts State Boxing Commission for eight years after competing against Floyd Patterson for the world heavyweight championship in 1961.
Nancy McNeeley, Peter’s mother, competed in the Miss Universe pageant in the early 1960s.
She is currently a successful entrepreneur and a professor at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, where she leads a fashion marketing course.
He has a younger brother, mostly referred to as “Snubby,” and his grandfather.
Thomas McNeeley Sr. was a New England boxing champion who competed for the Olympic team in 1928.

Peter was a focused young man who balanced his schooling with a boxing career.
He graduated from Bridgewater State College in 1994 with a degree in political science.
However, Peter McNeeley thought about acting for a short while after almost getting the part of Sylvester Stallone’s apprentice in Rocky V.
In the end, Peter was defeated by rival heavyweight Tommy Morrison, which motivated him to continue boxing.

Professional Boxing Career

Peter McNeeley started his amateur professional boxing career in 1991. The young boxer had a bright future. When he competed internationally, he successfully represented the United States and defeated Wayne Bernard of Canada. At the time, he was a world maritime heavyweight champion. Among his many notable victories was a first-round knockout of American amateur No. 1 James Jones. Peter participated in 21 amateur fights and finished his career with a 6-15 record.
Moreover, since then, he has become a professional. He defeated veteran fighter Van Dorsey in the knockout round of his debut match on August 23. McNeeley has won each of his first six fights by first-round knockout. He defeated Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Rosa in 1993, J.B. Williamson the following year, and then, in 1994, the fighter lost his first fight against American boxer Stanley Wright.

Peter McNeeley Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Peter McNeeley Age


Professional Boxer

October 6, 1968


Boston, Massachusetts

55 years old


Rating: 1 out of 5.

Famous professional boxer Peter McNeeley was born on October 6, 1968, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. As of 2023, he is 55 years old. He belongs to the American nationality of a white race. His zodiac sign is Libra. His father is Tom McNeeley, and his mother is Nancy McNeeley.

Mike Tyson vs Peter McNeeley

The defining moment of Peter McNeeley’s career came when he faced the legendary Mike Tyson in 1995 in a highly anticipated bout known as the “Cocoon of Horror.”
Peter entered the ring with determination and courage, as he was eager to prove himself among the greatest boxers after this big fight.
The fight between the two took several unexpected turns, eventually leading to a huge crowd reaction.
The match was watched by billions of people worldwide, changing Peter’s life forever.

Last Professional Game

Sadly, McNeeley’s fight against Henry Akinwande in 2001 ended in defeat. The boxer lost his subsequent battle to South African fighter Mike Bernardo; it was his last fight.

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Peter McNeeley Net Worth: Sources of income

Boxing Matches

Peter McNeeley’s wealth came mainly from his boxing competitions, especially his matchup with Mike Tyson, which greatly contributed to his net worth. He reportedly made $540,000 from the fight alone against Tyson.


Peter McNeeley’s net worth increased significantly after he signed an endorsement contract with Pizza Hut after his fight with Tyson.


McNeeley has invested in several businesses in addition to boxing, one of which is the ownership of a gym in Massachusetts. He also has his merchandise, which is available online.

Acting Career

Furthermore, McNeeley ventured into acting, appearing in a few TV series and movies, which brought in extra money.

Financial Difficulties

McNeeley struggled with money despite his income; in 2001, he declared bankruptcy. But he has since bounced back and amassed even more fortune.

Peter McNeeley Height, Weight, Hair & Eye Color

Peter McNeeley’s body demonstrates her passion for fitness. He is 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) tall and weighs 102 kg (224 lbs). His hair is curly dark brown, and he has brown eyes.

Personal Life

Peter McNeely wife

Peter McNeeley and his wife, Anarita Petrocello McNeeley, were married in 1997. The couple are parents of 5 children: two sons and three daughters. Unfortunately, his wife Anarita died unexpectedly in June 2023 at the age of 53. Peter did not remarry after Annarita’s death. Currently, he is following his five children and parents alone.

Peter McNeeley Children

Peter and his wife have five children.
Nadiya Gabrielle McNeeley (born in 2002)
Michael Thomas McNeeley (born 2004)
Gianna Rose McNeeley (born in 2006)
Peter Smith McNeeley Jr. (born in 2008) and Sofia McNeeley (born in 2011)

Peter McNeeley is Still Alive

He is still alive and well. In recent years, McNeeley has been a trainer and boxing analyst. He also wrote a book titled “The Hurricane: My Life in and Out of the Ring.”

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Achievements & Boxing Records

He won the New England Golden Gloves in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1989 and the New England Diamond Belt Tournament that same year.

54 Fights47 Wins7 Losses

Peter McNeeley Social Media


Final Words

McNeeley’s net worth isn’t just about dollars and numbers. Rather, it reflects his passion for the game and his countless pursuits of greatness.
Throughout his career, McNeeley earned a substantial income from boxing purses, endorsements, and merchandise sales.
His fights weren’t just about winning titles.
They were about leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts of fans everywhere.

FAQS About Peter McNeeley

How Much is Peter McNeeley’s net worth?

Although the reported figures differ, the famous American professional boxer Peter McNeeley has a net worth of around $5 million. His sources of income are boxing, endorsements, and coaching.

What is Peter McNeeley doing now?

Peter McNeeley continues to be involved in various business ventures and philanthropic activities, coaching, and using his name and reputation to positively impact his community and beyond.

How old is Peter McNeeley?

Peter McNeeley was born on October 6, 1968. As of 2023, he is 55 years old.

Does Peter McNeeley have any children?

He has five children with his wife, Anarita Petrocello McNeely, in 1997.

What is Peter McNeeley famous for?

Famous American former professional boxer Peter McNeeley is known for his fight with heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

How tall is Peter McNeeley?

Peter McNeeley is 6 ft 2 inches (1.88 m) tall.

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