Jimmy Dunne Net Worth 2024: Age, Height, Golf Carrer, Wife & Bio

Jimmy Dunne is a renowned American businessman, investor, and professional golfer with an estimated net worth of $15 million in 2024, reflecting his major impact and achievement. During his successful career, Jimmy made many tough decisions, and his leadership skills pushed him forward and established him as a prominent figure. He is also the vice chairman and senior managing principal of Piper Sandler.

Jimmy Dunne Net Worth
Jimmy Dunne Net Worth 2024: Source (Modfird by Author)

Dunne was one of the founding members of Sandler O’Neill + Partners. Jimmy has gathered a substantial net worth through a career specified by intelligent decision-making and a sharp eye for investment opportunities. We are talking about a man who has long been a significant investor and banking player. This post discusses Jimmy Dunne’s age, height, profession, net worth, and other details.

What is Jimmy Dunne’s Net Worth?

Jimmy Dunne is a titan of investment banking and finance, widely recognized for his keen financial sense. Throughout decades of a career with a net worth of approximately $15 million in 2024, Dunne’s accumulated extraordinary wealth guarantees his dedication, determination, and financial success. His journey from modest to his position as a well-known personality in the investment banking industry is encouraging. For example, everything can be achieved with persistence, hard work, and honest passion for the line of work.

Jimmy Dunne’s Salary, Income, & Earnings

Net Worth (as of 2024)Approximately $10 to $15 million
Yearly Income$2 million
Monthly Income$100K-$300K
Daily Income$8K-$14K

Please note that the net worth and earnings figures we reported from various online sources may differ!

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Jimmy Dunne’s Profile Summary (Wiki)

Full NameJames J. Dunne III
NameJimmy Dunne
Date of birthOctober 1957
Place of birthLong Island, USA
Age66 years ago (as of 2023)
Weight75 KG
Zodiac signScorpio
UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame
EducationBachelor’s degree in economics
HometownNew York, USA
Net Worthapprox $15 million
Source of WealthInvestment Banker
Country of OriginUnited States
ProfessionVice Chairman and Senior Managing Principal of Piper Sandler & Investment Banker
Martial statusMarried
FatherJames Joseph Dunne
MotherAnn  Dunne
WifeSusan Dunne
Children3 (Patrick, James Jr. & Kelly Anne)
No of Cars2
WebsitePiper Sandler

Jimmy Dunne Biography

Let’s talk about the early lifestyle, career, and education of Jimmy Dunne from a middle-class family. Who worked hard to make his parents proud.

Early Life

Jimmy, also known as James J. Dunne III, was born on October 9, 1957, in Babylon, a village on Long Island, New York.
Jimmy Dunne’s early life was very interesting and full of dedication, laughter, passion, love, and immense emotions.
He enjoyed every moment of his life intensely.
Jimmy spent memorable moments of his youth with friends and family, which shaped his life.
Dunne had a business spirit and steady resolution at an early age. He is an independent individual.
He hails from a private family and lives in the United States.
Furthermore, he was born into a very noble and beautiful family.
His father, James Joseph Dunne, encouraged him to seek a golf career.
Jimmy has always loved athletics; during his school years, he played many games.
Jimmy Dunne is an avid golfer who holds memberships at various popular clubs, including Pine Valley, National Golf and Augusta Golf.


Jimmy Dunne obtained his early education at Chaminade High School in New York.
After completing his education in Babylon, he relocated to Indiana to pursue further studies.
He also participated in basketball and football and captained the school’s golf team.
Because he was an athlete and a bright student, he completed his graduation in 1974 and received honors from Chaminade.
He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Notre Dame.
His education is the result of his successful career in the financial industry.
Besides this, he has also received an honorary doctorate as a member of the school’s Board of Trustees.

Jimmy Dunne’s Wife & Personal Life

Jimmy Dunne is married to the first love of his life, Susan Dunne. The couple has been married for over 30 years. They legally married in 1992, and the couple is living a loving life with cheerfulness. Additionally, Jimmy Dunne’s wife, Susan Dunne, has three children. They have two sons (James Jr. and Patrick) and a daughter (Kelly Ann). Jimmy and Susan are loving parents who love to be and spend time with their children. But he often spends weekends with his family. So, the fact that the two are still together is a testament to the strength of their love.

Jimmy Dunne's Wife
Jimmy Dunne with wife Susan [Source: via UGC (Modfird by Author) ]

Jimmy Dunne’s Lifestyle

With a net worth of $15 million, Jimmy Dunne lives a luxurious and comfortable life. He has his own lavish New York house worth 2 million dollars. Besides, Jimmy is also very fond of expensive and luxury cars, so he owns a Mercedes-Benz, which he drives avidly.

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Jimmy Dunne Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Jimmy Dunne Age, Birthday



October 9, 1957

Scorpio (♏︎)

Babylon, New York

66 years old


Rating: 1 out of 5.

Jimmy Dunne’s Parents & Siblings

Jimmy Dunne’s age is 66 years. He was born and grew up in the Long Island village of Babylon, New York. Jimmy was raised with four siblings by his mother, Ann, and his father, James Joseph Dunne, who worked at the Arrow Shirt Company. Moreover, Jimmy was the only brother of three sisters. He knew the value of money from the beginning. Jimmy Dunne’s parents have played an important part in shaping his life.

Career Highlights

Jimmy Dunne has succeeded in Golf career and investment banking through commitment and hard work. Let us look at his illustrious career.

1. Jimmy Dunne, as an investment banker

Jimmy Dunne started his successful career on Wall Street.
Dunne has worked with both major and small investment banking firms.
He spent two years working for a Wall Street corporation after graduating.
Following four years of service with small businesses, Jimmy was a founding partner of Sandler O’Neill & Partners.
He added a few staff members after starting alone when the business’s revenues grew.
With annual revenue in the millions, Sandler O’Neill and Partners were the largest investment baking company in the US in 1995.
After the devastating events 9/11, Dunne showed determination and strength as he guided the company through this challenging period.
2019 saw the company’s permanent closure for undisclosed reasons.
In 2020, he became a managing director and vice chairman at Piper Sandler.
He continues to work with Piper Sandler and receives a respectable yearly pay.
Jimmy offers investment banking services to numerous small businesses besides Sandler O’Neill & Partners and Piper Sandler.
These tiny businesses pay him on a project basis.

2. Jimmy Dunne Golf and PGA Tour

Jimmy Dunne started playing golf in 1980 and soon after joined the PGA Tour. In 1985, the player won the Kemper Open. Since then, Jimmy has continued to work in the field. He also competed for his country, USA, in the 1994 President’s Cup and 1993 Ryder Cup.

3. Jimmy Dunne Golf Club Memberships

Jimmy Dunne is also connected to many exclusive golf clubs. These affiliations give Dunne privileged access to elite golf courses and networking possibilities within the golf community. He is establishing his status as a reputable person in the field.

4. Jimmy Dunne AIG

American International Group (AIG) announced that its Board of Directors elected James (Jimmy) Dunne III as an independent director, with effect from December 1, 2023

5. PGA-LIV Golf Merger

Jimmy Dunne has contributed to the growth of golf in the US.
He made the LIV Golf Tournament, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, possible.
However, foreign interest in American sports has drawn criticism for this tournament.
In June 2023, Dunne was instrumental in bringing together the PGA Tour and LIV Golf through deal-making.
As part of the agreement, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia invested $2 billion to form World Golf Group (WGG), the company that would eventually own both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.
After the merger, the PGA Tour and LIV Golfers’ lawsuit was settled, allowing the suspended players to reapply for memberships following the 2023 season.
After Director Victor Ganzi retired on January 1, 2023, Dunne assumed the role of Independent Director of the PGA Tour Policy Board.

Jimmy Dunne's Golf
Jimmy Dunne, the vice-chairman of Piper Sandler, plays the golf Championship in St Andrews, Scotland. Source: via Getty Images (Modfird by Author)

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Jimmy Dunne’s Sources of Income

Jimmy Dunne has multiple sources of income that have contributed significantly to her rise to fame and wealth.

1. Co-Fonder Of Sandler O’Neill And Partners

Jimmy Dunn’s investment banking business serves various services in the United States.
He is also the co-founder of Sentler O’Neill and Partners, one of the largest firms in the US.
Jimmy Dunne’s first major enterprise turned him into a multimillionaire.
This company was established in 1988 but closed in 2019 after operating as the largest investment banking and financing firm for 36 years.

2. Vice Chairman At Piper Sandler

Jimmy Dunne became a vice chairman and managing director of Piper Sandler following the closure of Sandler O’Neil and Partners. This business provided financial banking services as well. It offers financial services to large organizations, including tech corporations, banks, and other private organizations. Jimmy Dunne receives $700k annually from the Piper Sandler as of 2024.

3. Director At PGA Tour

Jimmy Dunne was named Director of the PGA Tour’s Policy Board in 2022. He strove to improve golf in the United States because he loved the game. Jimmy had the opportunity to collaborate with well-known figures like Paul Brown and Condoleezza Rice as PGA Tour Director. He receives $200k annually from the PGA Tour as a director.

4. Financial Industry Commentator

Dunne frequently discusses the financial sector on CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Besides, he is often asked to address business, academic, and civic groups on leadership and management topics.


Beyond finance, Jimmy is a member of esteemed boards such as the University of Notre Dame’s board of trustees and the policy board of the PGA Tour. Jimmy is also active in charitable work as chair of the Notre Dame Monogram Club, which shows her dedication outside the boardroom. Dunne and his wife Susan donated $20 million to the University of Notre Dame in 2016.

Jimmy Dunne’s Height and Weight

Famous businessman Jimmy Dunne regularly exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep fit. Let’s know about her body measurements. Jimmy Dunne’s height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.83 meters), and according to fitness, weight is 75 kilograms (165 pounds). Jimmy Dunne has creamy hair color and black eyes.

Jimmy Dunne's Height
Source: via Getty Images (Modfird by Author)

Fast Facts About Jimmy Dunne

Who is Jimmy Dunne? He is a famous American businessman, investor, public figure, and professional golfer. Jimmy Dunn is one of the founding partners of Sandler O’Neill, who has worked tirelessly to build the firm into one of America’s largest independent investment banking firms.
How tall is Jimmy Dunne? Jimmy Dunne is 5 feet 10 inches or 1.83 meters tall.
What is Jimmy Dunne’s nationality? He is an American nationality of white ethnicity.
How old is Jimmy Dunne? He was born on October 9, 1957. Jimmy Dunne’s age is 24 years as of 2024.
When is Jimmy Dunne’s birthday? His birthday celebration is on October 9.
Where was Jimmy Dunne born? He was born in Long Island, United States.
What is Jimmy Dunne’s Ethnicity? He is of white descent.
How much is Jimmy Dunne’s wealth? Popular American entrepreneur and public figure Jimmy Dunne’s net worth is about $15 million in 2024.
Who is Jimmy Dunne’s wife? Jimmy Dunne’s spouse (Susan Dunne) is a housewife. They have been married for more than 30 years.
How many children does Jimmy Dunne have? Jimmy Dunn has 3 children (Patrick, James Jr., and Kelly Anne) with his wife Susan.
Who is Jimmy Dunne’s father? His father is James Joseph Dunne, who Arrow Shirt Company employed, and her mother is Ann.
What is Jimmy Dunne’s full name? His full name is James J. Dunne.
Does Jimmy Dunne smoke? No, he doesn’t smoke.
Where is Jimmy Dunne from? He lives in Babylon, New York.

Final Words

Jimmy Dunne’s net worth is evidence that he is a remarkable financial whiz.
His successful wealth collection can be related to his intelligent investments, excellent management, and keen understanding of market dynamics.
Aspiring investors and business owners can learn much from Jimmy Dunne’s path to financial success.
Dunne has been an unusual figure in the financial business and philanthropy throughout his career, which is why he always strives to make a big difference in the lives of others.

FAQS About Jimmy Dunne

Q: In what way did Jimmy Dunne get rich?

A: He earned his riches by playing golf, making wise investments, and having a prosperous job in finance.

Q: What are some significant turning points in Jimmy Dunne’s career?

A: Jimmy Dunne’s professional achievements include joining Piper Sandler Companies in 2003 and assuming many executive positions.

Q: What role did Jimmy Dunne play in the PGA-LIV Golf merger?

A: Dunne’s involvement as the PGA board chairman was crucial in enabling the historic merging of PGA and LIV Golf.

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