Rudy Pankow Net worth 2024: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Siblings, Bio

Rudy Pankow is a young and talented American film and television actor who has a net worth of $2 million in 2024.
He is best known for his role as JJ May Bank in the hit Netflix drama series “Outer Banks.”
Rudy started making a name for himself in the entertainment industry by embracing his passion for acting.
Few actors have made their mark as quickly as Rudy Pankow.
Read the full article to review Rudy Pankow’s wealth and exciting acting career.
Let us explore how they achieved passive wealth in the past few years and became successful.

Rudy Pankow Net worth
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What is Rudy Pankow’s Net Worth in 2024?

Rudy Pankow’s net worth is not just a number on a money sheet.
Rather, they have made all their wealth through hard work, patience, willpower, and bright acting in the entertainment industry.
According to many newspapers, Rudy Pankow’s net worth is $2 million.
It would not be wrong if Rudy were an inspirational figure for young actors worldwide.
Mr Pankow has recently made a great start to his career in the entertainment industry.
He has earned this impressive charge from his famous Netflix series “Outer Banks” and successful film “Unchartered.”
These two famous roles added to Rudy’s wealth. However, besides her acting career, Pankow worked as a model and participated in other commercial ventures.
In his spare time, he plays the guitar and sings to fulfill his passion for music.
With the success of the “Outer Banks” and his growing popularity, Pankow’s wealth continued to grow.
It should be noted that these net worth figures are only estimates and may vary over time due to various factors.

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Rudy Pankow Profile Summary

Full NameRudeth Bartholomew Pankow
NicknameRudy Pankow
Net Worth$2 Million
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
ProfessionActor & Model
DebutTV Series: Sunny Family Cult (2017)
Film: Nobody Knows (2017)
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
EthnicityGerman and Russian Descent
Sexual OrientationStraight
Home townKetchikan, Alaska
Years Active2017 Present
SchoolKetchikan High School Alaska
CollageLocal Private College Alaska
FatherAndrew Pankow
MotherPenny Pankow
SiblingsAlec & Henning (Brothers)
Girl FriendElaine Siemek
Martial StatusNot Married
Famous RoleJJ May Bank in the TV  series “Outer Banks” 2020
Hair ColourLight brown
Weight73 KG (160.9 lbs)
Height6 ft (182 cm)
Eye ColourBlue
Body TypeFit and Active
Source of WealthActing
Rudeth’s Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Tiktok

Rudy Pankow Biography

Let’s talk about the early lifestyle, career, and education of Rudy Pankow from an upper-middle-class family. Who worked hard to make his parents proud.

Early Life and Education

Rudy Pankow was born on August 12, 1998.
Initially from Ketchikan, Alaska, Rudy was raised in an upper-middle-class Christian family.
Rudy’s early education finished at Ketchikan High School in Alaska.
He later attended a private college in the same state. In addition to being a focused student in school, Rudy Pankow was also a keen sportsman.
Too soon, in Middle High School, Rudy performed through YouTube and enhanced their interest in filmmaking.
Then, he joined in cross-country running events and played football at Ketchikan High School.
Pankow first thought about going to culinary school.
But then he decided to give chase of her acting career and enrolled in an acting school for the 2016-2017 season.
To further his acting career, he joined Michael Wilson Studios.
After he gained more experience and ended acting training, Rudy took up acting in theatre.
During her time at the theatre, he performed in plays such as Mary Poppins, Oliver Twist, and The Nutcracker.
His early years were famous for his strong wish to succeed and his soul of adventure.

Rudy Pankow Career Beginnings

Rudy Pankow made his television debut in the films “Sunny Family Cult” and “No One Knows” in 2017.
Since then, he has been a part of many successful projects. Which, in the end, increased his grand net worth.
Although his early roles were small, they were career milestones.
That gave him the knowledge and experience he needed to move forward, as well as laid the foundation for future success.

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Rudy Pankow’s Parents & Family

Rudy was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. Her parents, Andrew, are famous businessmen, and Penny Pankow is a housewife. Both supported him and played an important role in shaping his future. He also posted a photo with her parents on Instagram on June 28, 2016, which can be seen below.

Rudy Pankow siblings

Rudy Pankow is the second of the siblings. He has two other brothers named Alec and Henning Pankow. These three brothers grew up in a small town in Alaska.
Rudy’s brothers, Alec and Henning, have no connection to the acting industry. The elder brother, Alec is a doctor, and the youngest is Henning, a track and field athlete. He has no sister in the family.

Rudy Pankow’s Age and Birthday

Rudy Pankow Age, Birthday


American Film Actor

August 12, 1998

Leo (♌︎)

Ketchikan, Alaska

25 years


Rating: 1 out of 5.

Rudy Pankow Zodiac Sign

Rudy Pankow was born in a small town in Alaska in mid-August.
His star is the famous Leo (♌︎).
Zodiac experts say that Leo is confident.
He does not compromise his loyalty and inner affairs and loves those he loves.
The power of Leo in tarot is usually represented by the cards, which represent the divine expression of mental, physical, and emotional strength.
Leo comes fifth in the zodiac list.

Who Is Rudy Pankow’s Girlfriend? All About Rudy Elaine Siemek

Who Is Rudy Pankow's Girlfriend
Source: [ via Instagram (@elameeeee) ]

Netflix’s “Outer Banks” series cast member Rudy Pankow and Elaine Siemek met on set in 2020 and started posting each other.
Although they prefer privacy, their relationship has been flaunted on social media, particularly Elaine’s Instagram, when Elaine shared a photo of her and Pankow’s Costa Rica vacation in February 2024.
Recently, news broke on Twitter alleging Elaine’s infidelity, which she quickly denied, clarifying that they were together at the time.
Born on March 15, 1998, Elaine Simek loves beauty and fashion.
She maintains her and Rudy’s privacy but shares select details on social media.
Moreover, Rudy celebrated Elaine’s birthday in public.
Their relationship reflects love, cooperation, and shared adventures.
The closeness of both is evident on social media.

Relationship Statistics


How Much Does Rudy Pankow Earn?

According to various sources, Rudy Pankow earns around $2.07 million annually.
It is only predicted that Rudy will receive $30,000 per episode for his role as JJ in the popular Netflix drama series “Outer Banks.”
However, the salaries of the cast are not estimated, but Pankow receives more.
Besides, he also earns good wealth from his social media accounts, where his fans and admirers are in millions.

Breakthrough with “Outer Banks”

Pankow’s career came to a turning point when he played the role of JJ in the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks.”
His lead character, JJ Maybank, in the show gave him a charming reception across the world, and this youngster has won the hearts of his fans worldwide, which has given his career a significant boost.
This important role opened the doors of Bollywood for him and increased his wealth by several percent.

Other Notable Projects

Pankow’s journey is not limited to his role in “Outer Banks” only.
Rather, he has worked on various projects in the entertainment industry and, in 2022, portrayed Sam Drake in the highly expected action-adventure movie “Uncharted,” which was based on the well-known video game series.
The part in which Pankow starred alongside Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg added to his portfolio and wealth.
These appearances in TV series and films showcase his skills as an actor.

Rudy Pankow Death Hoax

Disputes and rumors have always been a part of celebrities, and the young actor has also been the target of a cheating website.
The website claimed that Rudy Pankow died after an accident.
Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actor was alive because it was just a fake story shared on Facebook.

Rudy Pankow Height and Weight

Ryan Bingham’s height is 6 feet, equal to 182.8 cm and 1.82 m. His weight is 75 kg, 165 lbs. Ryan Bingham’s eye color is blue, and her hair is light brown.

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Where is Rudy Pankow from?

Rudy Pankow is an American citizen, but he was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. It is estimated that he currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

How tall is Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow is about 6 feet tall. From this, if we convert his height to 1.82 meters, it comes to.

How tall is Rudy Pankow
Source: via Instagram @rudeth

Rudy Pankow Instagram (@rudeth)

The young star is very active on Instagram, having 7.5 million followers and 53 Posts. He often shares behind-the-scenes photos of his projects. See the Instagram photos and videos of Rudy Pankow (@rudeth). You can follow him on Instagram here.

Rudy Pankow Tiktok (@rudypankow)

Rudy Pankow also has a TikTok account. So far, he has 2.6 million likes and 2.8 million followers on TikTok. You can follow him via (@rudypankow) to see his photos and video content.

Rudy Pankow Twitter (X) (@rudeth)

Another social platform on which he is active is Rudy Pankow’s Twitter(X) (@RyanBingham), which has more than 245.2K followers. Here, he uploads text posts, videos, and photos.

Social Media Profiles

Here are some of Rudy Pankow’s official social media profiles.

Who is Rudy Pankow Dating History?

WifeNot Married
Current Gf of Rudy PankowElaine Siemek
Relationship statusDating (Since November 2020)

Is Rudy Pankow’s girlfriend (GF)?

Yes, Rudy Pankow has a girlfriend (Gf), named Elaine Siemek.

Final Words

Rudy Pankow’s Net worth is proof of his journey of hard work and talent from a little Alaska town to the world of Hollywood.
It’s not just a thought of his wealth in numbers.
His rearing and commitment to perfection set the stage for a successful career in show business.
Rudy Pankow has shown that talent, resolve, and fitness to grab new chances may lead to success.
He achieved this success with a breakout performance in “Outer Banks” and a role in a major Hollywood production.
Rudy’s wealth is most likely going to grow even more as his career continues to rise to success. Pankow sees a bright future in Hollywood.d.

Is Rudy Pankow getting Married or Single?

He is unmarried and currently single. However, Rudy is in a relationship with Elaine Siemek.

What is Rudy Pankow’s full name?

Rudy Pankow’s full name is Rudeth Bartholomew Pankow. But most of the people and their fans call them by their nicknames.

Which country does Rudy Pankow Nationality?

Rudy Pankow holds the nationality of the United States because he was born and raised in this country.

Does Rudy Pankow smoke?

Without confirmation, Rudy smokes.

Does Rudy Pankow have kids?

No, he doesn’t have any kids.

Has Pankow won any Awards?

He has yet to win any major awards for his acting, though he has been well-received by his fans and critics.

Does Rudy Pankow have any philanthropic interests?

Yes, Rudy Pankow actively joined in welfare ventures and supported various causes through his generous efforts.

What Movies and TV shows have Rudy acted in?

Rudy Pankow has acted in other TV shows and films besides Outer Banks, where he is most known for his role as JJ.
He appeared in small roles in Acting for a Cause and The Politician.
In terms of movies, Rudy acted in Space Waves and The Crusades in addition to co-starring in the short film Lift Off alongside Drew Starkey.
In Uncharted, Rudy also portrayed Sam Drake, Tom Holland’s brother.

How old is Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow was born in 1998. He is 25 years old. Rudy celebrates his birthday on August 12.

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